Indian students who choose to study MBBS in abroad, they get to meet patients from other countries. Meeting patients from other countries helps Indian students greatly in their medical education scope to learn about different health problems and treatments. As well as they get International Exposure.

Aspiring students in India dreaming to becoming a doctor. However the dream of majority of aspirants remains unfulfilled. Whereas 15-16 lakhs students appears for NEET every year. There are very less MBBS seats in medical colleges in India in comparison to aspirants. Therefore, most of the Indian students aspiring to pursue MBBS in India find it difficult to get a seat through merit. The private medical colleges across India have substantially hiked MBBS tuition fees also making it difficult to afford. Hence remains the only option – MBBS in abroad. These are some of the major reasons for Indian students preferring to study MBBS in abroad. The explanation of benefits to study in foreign countries is as:-


Medical Universities in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus etc. are all listed by the Medical Council of India (MCI). The Indian students who successfully complete MBBS course from these countries are eligible to appear for MCI screening test in order to practice in India. Indian students who have completed medical education from these countries have an excellent record of success in MCI test.


However, medical Universities in abroad do not charge capitation fees. Medical education in abroad is very affordable. The yearly tuition fee for MBBS colleges in abroad is very low in comparison to the private medical colleges in India. Few MBBS Universities in abroad even offer scholarships for bright students.


The cost of living in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus is very affordable. The cost of living includes accommodation, food, laundry, utilities and transportation.


Most of the medical Universities in abroad have excellent infrastructure. To facilitate the learning process, medical Universities in abroad have well-stocked libraries to provide course-related study materials. The associated hospitals have advanced medical equipment for practical training. These are some facts that attract Indian students to study MBBS in abroad. After understanding the reasons to study MBBS in abroad very well, arise a question as which country and University to choose? We provide college admission guidance for Indian students who wish to take MBBS admission in abroad.

Our expertise in the field of MBBS Admission in abroad has made us helpful to assist the students to get the MBBS admission. We also assist students in putting together all essential documents and other formalities. Our expert admission consultants have vast experience in assisting students based on their profile, academic record and financial conditions and suggest them appropriate medical colleges abroad to ensure and get their wish fulfilled. Therefore, if you are planning to study MBBS in abroad, get in touch with us for further transparent discussion and processing.